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Home page - Digital Clamp-On Multimeter With Auto Sensing Brand New 4DS-8127

Digital Clamp-On Multimeter 4DS- 8127: Dimensions- 7.5cm x 21 cm x 3.0 cm ~ Power- 9V battery ~ Max. Jaw opening- 3.0 cm or 1.5" diameter ~ Digital screen display- 3.5 LCD ~ Maximum\m display- 1999 ~ Auto polarity sensing display ~ Battery power display ~ AC Voltage- Auto-ranging ~ AC voltage ranges- 2.000Vac - 20.00Vac - 200.0Vac - 600Vac.    DC Voltage- Auto-ranging ~ DC voltage ranges- 200.0mv - 2.000Vdc - 20.00Vdc - 200.0Vdc - 600Vdc.

Resistance Auto-ranging ~ Resistance ranges- 200.0Ω - 2.000kΩ - 20.00kΩ - 200.0kΩ - 2.000MΩ - 20.00MΩ.  AC Current Auto-ranging ~ AC Current ranges- 20.00A - 200.0A - 600A. Continuity test buzzer ~ Overload protection 600Vp ~ Frequency response- 50H- 60Hz - Comes in a black protective handy pouch complete with battery and test probes. This is a great choice for the professionals as well as the handyman or the do-it-yourself folks. Use it to do the sophisticated tasks as well as the simple jobs in and around the home like - test your fuses, bulbs, broken wires/cables, batteries, power outlets, plugs, circuit breakers, switches and much more. You would know if something is broken or if it has lost power. This can mean a saving in your pocket when you do not have to call the electrician. Item # 4DS-8127.  

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