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 MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Male Female Sets+ 80A MPPT Solar Controller 5 pairs

MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Male Female Sets+ 80A MPPT Solar Controller 5 pairs

4D's T&D Inc

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Specification of Solar charge controller :

  • This is a three-time controller into the evening working time; set at an interval of rest or pause time, Dawn working time (morning light function). The user can set a different time according to their needs.
  • Time Settings: (A) Evening working. (B) Pause working. (C) Dawn working.

This is a compatible MPPT charge controller, PWM intelligent/efficient/energy saver. This not only has efficient MPPT controller charging function to automatically track the maximum power point. It has 10%-30% higher than the ordinary controller charging efficiency and also has standby energy saving feature, more than 30% energy than ordinary controller. The standby power consumption of only 10mA-15mA.

MPPT solar controller applied to the solar photovoltaic system which is used to coordinate solar panels, storage battery and load. It is a very important assembly in the photovoltaic system. It is different from other solar controllers because it has a built in comprehensive protection function that makes the whole solar photovoltaic system operate more efficiently and safely.

Timer Intigrated (Lighting function)

  1. LCD screen display,
  2. Easy operation interface,
  3. PWM charging mode+MPPT,
  4. Parameter user can reset,
  5.  A key to open and close the load, 
  6. A key to restore the factory settings,
  7.  Battery reverse discharge protection,
  8.  Battery reverse polarity protection
  9. Battery under voltage protection,
  10. Overload, short-circuit protection,
  11.  Automatic temperature compensation function,
  12. Can charge and discharge at the same time, Always keep the battery in full status.
  13.  USB 5V charge (current 1500mA) Optional.

Specification of MC4 Connector:

  • Rated current: 25A (2.5-4.0mm2)
  • Degree of protection: IP2 * / IP67
  • Rated voltage: 1000V DC
  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0
  • Test voltage: 6000V (50Hz, 1 min)

Safety: II

  • Overvoltage category / Pollution Index: CATIII / 2
  • Adapter Wire: OD4.5-7.0 (2.5-4.0mm2)
  • Connector contact resistance: 0.5mΩ
  • Insertion / Extraction Force: ≤ 50N / ≥ 50N
  • Connector conductor material: Copper, tin
  • Connection: Crimp
  • Connector Insulation material: PPO or PBT
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +90 ℃

Package contents:
1 pcs 80A MPPT Solar Controller
1 pcs English User Manual
pcs Temp Sensor
5 pairs solar panel cable connector

MC4 Solar Panel Connectors Male Female Sets+ 80A MPPT Solar Controller 5 pairs