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7 FUNCTIONS LED WARNING LAMP/ LIGHT. Item # 4DS-BL70 - 4D'S T&D Inc - Official Site


4D's T&D Inc

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Get this stylish LED Safety Warning light for the protection of yourself or your children.

This LED light has several functions including: 1. A steady light - 2. Slow blinks - 3. Fast blinking  -  4. Lights from left to right (indicator)  -  5. Lights from right to left (indicator) and you will discover other creative functions for yourself when you buy it. This is a perfect gift for all or any occasions.  It also comes with an ON-OFF button switch, secure mounting clamp and it can also be clipped onto your pockets, hats, bags, vest, almost anything without the use of a screwdriver or tool. A light like  this can make the difference between life and death on the streets, whether at daytime or  night time. This light makes the rider or user more visible to all other people or drivers of motor vehicles when you simply turn it on. More visibility means more safety so, add some safety and order yours today. It can be attached to any bike or bicycle handles or frames (and many other uses without any tools) with only the use of a  Phillips screwdriver. It works with 2 AA batteries. - So much potentials and so many uses and yet cost so little. 

 Item # 4DS-BL70.  Price $3.99 

LED Warning Light Features:

  •  A steady light
  • Slow blinks
  • Fast blinking 
  • Lights from left to right (indicator) 
  •  Lights from right to left (indicator)
  • Power by 2 AA batteries
  • ON-OFF button switch

Best Suggested Use for this:

  • Bicycles -  Baby-strollers  -  Back Packs  -  Sports & Camping  -  Safety Vest.