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Book - Electrical Wiring Simplified - Item # 4DS-42WS.  Price $15.95

Book - Electrical Wiring Simplified - Item # 4DS-42WS. Price $15.95

4D's T&D Inc

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This small manual continues its 75-year history of demonstrating how to install safe, convenient, and economical wiring. Encouraging readers to tackle jobs small and large, the guide covers everything from repairing a table lamp to wiring a whole house. After introducing the basics—standards, codes, safety practices, and an overview of how electricity is measured and delivered—chapters show how to design a layout for lights, switches, and receptacles; run a line from a utility pole; install wires, circuits, and grounds; and handle special projects such as replacing old wiring and wiring detached garages and accessory buildings. Some codes may have changed since its last publication but it's a great book for the tradesmen and for those who want to know more about electrical wiring and repairs.  Item # 4DS-42WS.  Price $15.95