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Motor Run Capacitor 6uf (mfd), 370 Vac - Part # 4DS6-370-3P. This replaces part # 6FLP3 - $9.25

4D's T&D Inc

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Motor Run Capacitor Part # 4DS6-370-3P:

 This capacitor replaces part # 6FLP3. It has a rating of 6uf / mfd, 370 Vac, 50/60HZ. Its physical dimensions are - Dia 4.0 cm and Ht 7.0 cm. Terminal Type 1/4" male quick connector with plastic insulators. These hermetically  sealed capacitors have a high temperature tolerance up to a max of 85 degrees Celsius and can help improve the electrical performance of motors on air condition units, refrigeration equipment, blowers, fan and pump motors. Cylindrical shape metal silver ( see pic.1 - 2). Temperature rated at 85° C.  Part # 4DS6-370-3P.  Price $9.25 

  • Motor Run Capacitor Part # 4DS6-370-3P
  • Replaces part # 6FLP3
  • Ratings: 6uf (mfd), 370 Vac, 50/60HZ
  • Dimensions: Diameter 4.0 cm and Height 7.0 cm
  • Terminal type: 1/4 inc male
  • Shape: Cylindrical