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Proximity Switch # 4DS12-26-E1 - Part # 4DS12-26-E1 - $49.00

4D's T&D Inc

Regular price $70.00 $49.00 Sale

The picture chart shows the various dimension of the Proximity Switch. There are 4 columns of this chart, as you can see below. The first two columns in yellow and white, reads from left to right, as the two arrows indicated at the top of this chart; and the second two columns in green and white, reads from center to far right.

Example: Sensing Type is - Inductive and Materials composition are - Metal, PVC, etc. Part # 4DS12-26-E1

 Replaces: E2E-X5ME1, UNSPSC41111926, PE300012.       

This type of proximity switch has a variety of application uses, with its superior environmental resistance to many conditions including its oil resistance, PVC 2 meter length cable. Introductory price on this versatile gem per customer, per order.

Part # 4DS12-26-E1 - $49.00 ea. Supply is limited