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Service Call BROOKLYN - Zone 1 - $65.00

Service Call BROOKLYN - Zone 1 - $65.00

4D's T&D Inc

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Service Call Brooklyn - Zone 1

Your call for a service technician / electrician to come to your home or place of business in Brooklyn, varies in fees according to your area zone:

ZONE 1 - $65.00

(ZONE 2 - $75.00)

When you call, you may provide your the following if you have not done so:

  1. Name or Company -
  2. Full Address with Zip code -
  3. Telephone # -
  4. Email address -
  5. A brief description of your call or reason for your call -

When you call, we would identify your zone for you and let you know immediately. Please select your zone and payment amount correctly and when payment is received, someone will schedule your visit promptly, with the least amount of waiting time.

To make the payment copy the item # below and paste it into the search window / box and proceed to checkout or select from the product listings. It's that simple. Service call fees are refundable in whole or in part - terms apply.

 Item # 4DSBK-Z1.   Price $65.00